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Perfect Touch Custom Weddings

Bridal Consultants * Wedding Officiants

Event Decorating & Design * Corporate & Event Planning

Wichita, Kansas

Photo Gallery

Perfect Touch Wedding Photos - Early Years Perfect Touch Wedding Photos - Early Years Cake Table at Scottish Rite Set up to the couple's exact specifications 8356860 Mr & Mrs. Millen Photo by Marcia Morrison, Setting Hotel Old Town 8356881 Newly Married at Scottish Rite Photo by Marcia Morrison <BR>Fully decorated Stairs at Scottish RITE 8356871 Perfect Touch Brides are Blissful on their Wedding Day Photo by Marcia Morrison 8356872 Millen - Cake Table Scottish Rite, casual elegance fall theme 8356882 Millen - Head Table Bridal Party space near guests for intimate feel 8356873 Millen - Guest Tables Overview of guest area 8356874 Millen - Ceremony Stairwell Well appointed floral decor for ceremony 8356875 Personal Touches Make the Difference Family tables get special attention photo by Marcia Morrison 8356883 Cake Table Details Photo by Marcia Morrison 8356884 Entry Table Close Up A professional consultant makes sure every element of the wedding is picture perfect.<BR>Photo by Marcia Morrison 8356876 Entrance Table Guest Book, Special Frame for Couple and Memorial Candles<BR>Photo by Marcia Morrison 8356877 Gazing at our future Speer Wedding 20th Century Club Photo by Doug Ross 8356878 In the Bridal Suite Pretty and poised, another Perfect Touch picture of peace 8356879 Bride and Attendants Speer Wedding 20th Century Center Photo by Doug Ross 8356885 Toasts and Cake Speer Wedding 20th Century Club Center Photo by Doug Ross 8356886 Red Black Altar at 20th Century Red & Black, Rose theme, Romantic Gothic undertone. 8356887 Perfect Touch Bride Mrs. Filena Cox A Perfect Touch Bride is a Happy Bride. 8356888 Cox Wedding Pic 2 Its going to be a lovely wedding! 8356880 Cox Wedding Pic 1 We're ready to go 8356901 Cox Wedding Pic 3 Peaceful, beautiful...a perfectly ready Bride 8356889 Cox Wedding Pic 4 Surprises for the Mothers 8356890 Cox Wedding Pic 5 With love from the Bride and Groom, a gift for you 8356902 Cox Wedding Pic 6 At the altar 8356903 Cox Wedding Pic 7 Our future's so bright.... 8356904 Cox Wedding Pic 8 On our way 8356905 Cox Wedding Pic 9 Can't wait to see what Ronni has planned for us at the reception! 8356891 Cox Wedding Pic 10 Bridal Party, Grand entrance 8356906 Cox Wedding Pic 11 Cake table set up at the Filena and Seth Dinner Club 8356892 Cox Wedding Pic 12 Cigar, Cigarette? Candy that is!What's a 30's Dinner Club without a Cigarette Girl? 8356893 Cox Wedding Pic 13 Even the little details make a big difference 8356907 Cox Wedding Pic 15 Having fun at the head table 8356908 Cox Wedding Pic 15 Who's the next bride? 8356909 Cox Wedding Pic 16 Father Daughter Dance(Yes, those are Austrian crystals hanging overhead!) 8356894 Cox Wedding Pic 17 Swept away! 8356910 Cox Wedding Pic 18 I'm so glad we hired the perfect wedding planner! 8356911 Hanson Wedding A traditional garden wedding for a picture perfect couple 8356912 Jesseph Wedding Pic 1 On a beautiful country morning.... 8356895 Jesseph Wedding Pic 3 Here comes the bride 8356896 Jesseph Wedding Pic 3 View from 'behind.' 8356913 Feltcher-Katzenberg Pic 1 Just the right style of wedding for this casual couple 8356914 Overton Pic 4 Unity Candle Ceremony at Chapel Hill Fellowship 8356915 Ball Cake Table Red & Black, Rose theme, Romantic Gothic undertone. 8356897 Overton Pic 5 Chapel Hill Altar view 8356916 Overton Pic 7 Wedding Cake Close UpReception at Olive Tree 8356917 Overton Pic 8 Doorway Accent - Lime theme - Burgundy and Silver Wedding 8356918 Overton Closeup Unity Candle, our floral arrangmennts 8356898 Hengel Overton Altar Overview of Ceremony,our decor for altar and candle decor. Perfectly suited to brides requests. 8356919 Cake Table Jennings Simple but pretty cake table for a 'pink princess themed' wedding 8356920 Cake Table Closeup Lit and Twinkling, pink and fluffy...just like the bride asked for 8356899 Naftzger Gazebo Early Stage Decorations. 8356900 Jennings, Groom at Bridge Groom near on of the decorated bridges holding a family friend 8356921 Evening Arch Simple, family wedding 8356922 Allee Table Intimate Weddingand Vow Renewal - elegant small family oriented wedding. Theme: Daisies 8356941 Allee Cake CloseUp Teacup theme for small intimate family wedding 8356942 Allee Arch Detal Brides Desire: Blue and Yellow Daisies, simple outdoor arch 8356923 Cake Table Russell Wedding Country Charm Pink Wedding at Aunt Sue's 8356924 Steidley Couple at Altar Happy to have their wedding, their way. 8356943 Steidley Wedding Flower Girl Close up of pew decor - theme: babys breath and roses 8356925 Steidley Cake Close Up Casual Wedding at Hyatt's Red Rock Cafe 8356926 Stediley Altar Arrangement Closeup Brides Request: Natural, Roses, Baby's Breath --- Simple & Elegant 8356944 Steidley - Alternate Cake View Dimmer Light, more artistic view 8356945 Steidley - Head Table Close Up Simple arrangement for elegant luncheon 8356927 Steidley - Guest Table Close Up Roses and Baby's Breath to match Bride's colors 8356928 Christmas Them Altar Decor Full view of Christmas Candelabra<BR>Photo by Doug Ross 8356946 Bride and Attendant at Altar Casual Wedding, Christmas Theme Risen Savior Photo by Doug Ross 8356929 Bride and Both Attendants Candy Canes and Christmas Theme Photo by Doug Ross 8356930 Altar Decor Close UP Flower design by our in house Florist, Tish from Perfect Petals<BR>photo by Doug Ross 8356947 Favor Close UP Waiting at each guest's place<BR>Photo by Doug Ross 8356931 Cake Table Highlight Artistic Cake<BR>Photo by Doug Ross 8356932 Mrs Hegeman Another Happy Perfect Touch Bride Photo by Doug Ross 8356948 Shy Flower Girl Guests help shy flower girl<BR>Note detail near door and aisle entrance<BR>Photo by Doug Ross 8356949 Bride and Mother Allee Wedding Photo by Doug Ross 8356950 8356933 8356934 8356935 8356936 8356937 8356951 188102893 188102894 188102895 188102896 188102897 188102898 188102899 188102900 188102901 188102902 188102903 188102904 188102905 188102906